We Do

Hit Games


Small and funny.

On all platforms.

We Did


App Store hits


Games in top of US/Europe App Store.

Like Trio.

Google play hits 

Games with more than

15 million downloads.

Like Rotator.

Asian market hits 

Games in top of Asian markets.

Like Rooster Rumble.


Market hits with 50+ millions of plays.

Like Alien Anarchy.


Beautiful and unique games

for BIG customers.

Like Sweet Eyes.


Games  loved by streamers

with millions views.

Like SuperSportsSurgery.

We Are


Latent artist. 28 years in the game industry. He is the coolest in the team and maybe on Earth and he also made this page.


Spiritual animal – keyboard. He talks binary code only. Failed all Turing tests so there is a big chance he is android.


Incredibly old, perhaps the oldest living person. At the same time he saved childlike joy and of life and code. It was difficult to draw him, so i drew a stone.




Alexey Izvalov

founder, who left before we became popular


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